Scientific Name: Staphylea trifolia

Zone: 4-8 Click Here to Find your Zone

Mature Height: 10-15′

Mature Width: 10-15′

Fruit:  Three sided seed capsule that is green in the summer, but turns brown in the fall.  The seed will rattle inside the capsule when it is dry at the end of the growing season.

Flowers:  Beautiful, white drooping clusters of bell shaped flowers.  The flowers bloom for 2-3 week.  Each flower is 1/3″ long and 1/4″ wide.

Bloom Time: Mid to Late Spring

Growth Rate: Medium (12-24″ per year), but with plenty of water and fertilizer can grow very quickly.

Soil:  Alkaline, Moist and Well Drained

Drought Tolerance:  Poor – Will need supplementary water in dry weather

Flood Tolerance: Moderate

Sun Requirements: Sun or part-shade

Fall Color: Green

Wildlife Value: Provides great cover for birds and nectar for many types of insects.

The American Bladdernut is a great plant for areas that are being naturalized.  It does very well as an under-story tree/shrub and is not grazed by deer.  In the spring, the flowers are very pretty and attract many types of bees.  This includes the honeybee!  Bladdernut also makes a great mixed planting, border and privacy screen.  As the seed pods mature in the fall they give the tree an interesting look.  Each pod forms a bladder shape that encapsulates the seeds.  It can be frown as a tree or shrub.  In areas of shade, the branching on the plant becomes more irregular.  With more sun the branch of the plant will fully develop.

bladdernut tree                                                      Bladdernut