Honeycrisp Apple Tree

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Honeycrisp Apple Tree



Zones 3-6  Click here to find your Zone

Height and Spread: 15′ x 5-7′  (semi-dwarf variety)

Growth Rate:  Medium (13 to 24″ per year)

Wildlife:  Can be a food source for many mammals, including deer.  With this in mind, measures may need to be taken to protect the tree from deer especially.  The Honeycrisp apple trees make a great pollen source for bees in early spring.  Rodents and rabbits often eat the bark off of apple trees.  Tree tubes are a great way to protect the bark from injury.  When the bark is eaten it will often lead to girdling and eventual death of the tree.

History:  These awesome apples were introduced in 1991 by the University of Minnesota.  Honeycrisp apples are a cross between Macoun and Honeygold.

Use and Storage: Honeycrisp apples are a perfect multi-use apple.  They are fantastic for eating and these apples are also great for cooking.   These apples, as the name implies, have a crisp and creamy colored flesh.  Honeycrisp apples can be stored for at least 6 months in refrigeration.

Pollination Requirements:  This dwarf  variety needs a compatible pollinator within 50′ for fruit production.  Check the Apple Pollination Chart to find compatible pollinators.