Lodi Apple Tree


Scientific Name:   Malus domestica

Zone: 3-8  Click Here to Find your Zone

Mature Height: 15 ft

Mature Width: 10 ft

Growth Per Year:  Medium (13″ to 24″)

Wet Tolerant: Thrives in well drained, moist soil

Drought Tolerant: Moderately

Shade Tolerant: Loves the sun!

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Wildlife:  Can be a food source for many mammals, including deer.  With this in mind, measures may need to be taken to protect the tree from deer especially.  The Lodi apple is a great pollen source for bees in early spring.  Rodents and rabbits often eat the bark off of apple trees.  Tree tubes are a great way to protect the bark from injury.  When the bark is eaten it will often lead to girdling and eventual death of the tree.

History: Introduced in 1924,  the Lodi apple is a cross between the Yellow Transparent and Montgomery cultivars.

Use and Storage: This tree produces tart/sweet apples that best suited for pies and sauce.  Lodi apples will store for about three weeks in the fridge, but freeze very well for long-term storage.  Apples produced by the Lodi tree are greenish-yellow in color.

Pollination Requirements:  This dwarf variety needs a compatible pollinator within 20′ for fruit production.  Check the Apple Pollination Chart to find compatible pollinators.