Nikko Blue Hydrangea

Scientific Name: Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Nikko Blue’

Zone: 5-9 Click Here to Find your Zone

When grown in zone 5 it should be in a well protected area to survive harsh winters.  Wrapping in burlap can offer some protection in the winter in zone 5.  In the spring, any branches that are damaged from the winter should be pruned back.

Mature Height: 4-6′

Mature Width: 4-6′

Shape:  Rounded

Flowers:  Florets form large, globe shaped showy blooms.

Bloom Time: July to August

Growth Rate: Moderate

Soil:  Rich, moist and well drained

Sun Requirements: Sun (if the soil is consistently moist) or Part-Shade

Fall Color: Insignificant

Pest Problems:  Hydrangeas do not have any major pest problems.  There are occasional problems with aphids, bacterial wilt, mildew or leaf spots.





Hydrangeas make beautiful borders, specimen plantings, and potted additions to any landscape.  They have a nice rounded habit and produce brilliant blooms.  As the flowers age on a hydrangea they will start to change colors and often end up brown.  There is nothing wrong with your plant, it is just time to do some deadheading.  As the blooms die back it is good to trim them off the plant.  This allows the plant to continue to channel it’s energy toward new blooms and keeps your shrub looking great.