River Birch 3-4′


Scientific Name: Betula nigra
Zone: 4-9
Mature Height: 40-70 ft
Mature Width: 40-60 ft
Fruit:  Small nuts within the catkins
Flowers: Brown and Green
Bloom Time: April – May
Growth Rate: Medium (12” – 24” per year), but with plenty of water and fertilizer can grow very quickly
Soil:  Moist, acidic, fertile soils – tolerates clay soils and strip mine reclamation
Drought Tolerance:  Moderate
Flood Tolerance:  Good – can handle almost aquatic moisture levels
Sun Requirements: Sun or part-shade
Fall Color:  May turn Yellow, but not known for great fall color
Wildlife Value:  Great food resource for mammals and many types of birds.  Also provides great cover.

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The river birch is a great tree for southern, humid states where other species of birch will not thrive.  It is native to Missouri, so it can handle heat and humidity.  Wonderful for planting along river banks, in rain gardens and in low areas.  River birch can also adapt to being planted in a lawn.  It can do well as an urban tree because of its high tolerance for pollution.  Not a favorite of deer!  It grows in a pyramidal form alone, but in a multi-tree planting it has a more irregular shape and is considered more astatically pleasing.  Not susceptible to the birch borer.  The river birch does not have serious issues with disease. Planted as a single trunk tree or with multiple trunks, this birch is beautiful with salmon pink – bronze colored exfoliating bark.